NOW does Oasis 2017: Reflections

In June of 2017, No Ordinary Women led 14 women to Nakuru, Kenya, to meet and work alongside our Artisans in Oasis Womens Group. To say that this was a dream come true, a dreamy adventure with dear sisters, a dream within a dream…well, even all of that seems insufficient.

Our trip was filled with the making of new sisters, hearty laughter, exhausting travel, breathtaking sunrises, rivers of tears, worship that knows no language but Love, loads of hard work and so many moments of simply standing in awe of our Creator.

Our primary goal for this trip was deepened relationships on both sides- for our local women to see the impact of their advocacy of our company, and for our Oasis Artisans to be able to share their work and be encouraged in the value of their skills. We wanted both groups to finally look each other in the eyes and see a reflection of themselves, their Creator, and women everywhere.

While we could talk for ages about our adventure, what we saw God doing, how lives were transformed, we think that our incredible team can tell you better themselves. We’ll be posting once a month a story or two from someone on our team, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in making this journey with us in July 2018, email for more details.


Jamie Cogdill, 50 (& Fabulous!), Waynesville NC

Journal excerpt June 24, 2017 Saturday at Massai Mara….

The dust of Africa is in my bones-my heart is as open, and free, and wild as the savanna. The rustling of the plains grass will soon turn to the rustling of papers on my desk. I feel restless, on the cusp of change, as I have been forever changed by this trip. How does one settle back into 9-5 doing seemingly ordinary and meaningless things after such a trip? Although I know all too well that what I do matters to some and all I do matters to God so on a day by day basis I just keep plugging along.

Here at safari camp the generators switch off for hours at a time to conserve energy….we have to wait to plug in and we quickly forget we cannot have power. We immediately become disappointed when we flip a dead switch…all things we have in steady supply and take for granted back home. So it is with life…at times we feel powerful and power-full…other times we just feel dark, disconnected, and impatient waiting for the switch to come on. I’ve wrestled with God my entire life it seems, searching for my purposeful outlet of true connectivity. My introversion keeps me unplugged many times and I’ve accepted myself for those natural leanings but Kenya has inspired my prayers to God to help me keep my switch on, my heart open, and to push through hard things. I want to stay receptive to my generator God and creatively stay connected to the lovely souls of Kenya.