Amy Pryor

Raised in Maggie Valley and now living in Waynesville, NC, Amy Pryor begins each day affixing her heart to her sleeve and holding a mug of dark roast coffee in her hand. In 2000, she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill where she majored in graphic design. Her love of art is joined by an appreciation of pirate ships, print shops, weeping cherry trees, NPR, and hot sauce with sweet potato fries.

After college, Amy moved home to be closer to her family and took a position as a copy editor at The Mountaineer in Waynesville. In 2002, she joined Hard Times Creative, a small design firm in Sylva. Amy began freelancing for The Laurel of Asheville in 2007 and took on her current position as Art Director in April 2009. She also helped launch The Laurel’s sister publication, Plough to Pantry, in early 2015.

At the office, you’ll typically find her sporting Chuck Taylors and rocking the double monitors. (Help yourself to the jar of Twizzlers, but ask before borrowing one of her pens!) She fully believes in the idea of “Love God, love others, live sent,” unexpected miracles and blessings, and giving back to others. When in a trying situation, she calls on her Esther instinct … I am just the person for such a time is this.

When she’s not working, she’s likely playing with her pup Catawba at the dog park or spending time with her amazing village of family and friends.