Body Image – A Post by Jennifer Smith

“And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are his heirs, and God’s promise to Abraham belongs to you.”  Galatians 3:29

I’ve struggled with body image since college.  I can remember when I went from wearing a bikini bottom, to boy shorts, to preferring a one piece, to dreading bathing suit season all together; not wanting to wear sleeveless shirts, or even shorts for that matter.   I longed for the winter (though summer is by far my favorite season) where I could hide more by adding those extra layers of clothes.

Before cancer, I had come a long way toward resolving such issues.   When I was told that it would be in my best interest to have chemo, where I would lose my long blonde hair, a bilateral mastectomy, where I would lose my breasts, and a total hysterectomy where I would lose even more of my womanhood, I worried that I would again backslide.

I had no idea how I would handle losing my hair.  I did well, but the growing back was difficult.  No longer that woman with long blonde hair, but now trying to adjust to short grey hair.  After losing both breasts,  I did fairly well during the fall and winter, but as it became warmer, I began yearning for breasts.  Lastly, after losing even more of my womanhood from a total hysterectomy, I came to the realization that although my husband and I already decided that we were done having children, there would be no “oops!” or change of heart.   And even on a basic hormonal level, my body was in a state of shock.

Then comes God’s Grace!

I was reminded last night during a bible study that as believers, we are heirs of the Almighty God.  We are princesses and princes to the King.   We stand to inherit His Kingdom. We are a direct line from our Father. We are God’s children, and He is our “Abba”.  On my way home, those words began to resonate within me.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t have long hair, breasts or ovaries.    What matters is that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am a princess, and so are YOU!

To God be the glory!

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Jennifer Smith is a mom, wife, friend, former mental health professional, teacher, and believer who loves to spend time with her family, nap, read, enjoy dinner out and helping others. She met her husband when she was a sophomore in high school when they both ran track.  Along with Jason, the other two loves of her life are Jacob (13) and Jonah (9).

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