Hunter Plemmons

Hunter is a warrior for justice for kids and families who is dedicated to avoiding mice (egads yes!), eating E. L. Fudge cookies, and reflecting for others God’s light in this world.  He’s dad to an amazingly cute toddler and husband to a fantastically dedicated veterinarian whose ability to make him laugh (even when really mad) is one of the reasons he loves her so. If he became a millionaire tomorrow, Hunter would dine on a different kind of cake each morning for breakfast and launch a Christian-based organization to help at-risk children and youth in our community.  He would also want to be invisible so that he could liven up the campaign trail by tickling politicians on the ear while they give speeches.

Hunter is dedicated to adventures with his family and helping people find and live their purpose.  He is drawn to Jesus’ amazing confidante, Peter, who gives us such an example of loving Jesus in full faith and then messing up gigantically.  Peter lets us know that we are truly loved unconditionally even in our failures.