Love- A Post by Allie Jo Fisher

I worry about love. A lot.

Loving the wrong person or messing up love with the right one.  But I realized on my drive home tonight that I’m already in love but not with anyone or anything in particular.

Just IN love. Smack dab in the middle of it, soaking it up. Like when the sun goes down and the whole town lights up fiery gold.

Or when laughter bubbles up in my chest, which is a lot. When I crawl into my fluffy, warm, gray sheets at the end of the day. When all of the “just right” songs come on the radio on the drive home.

The mountains. When I look at the mountains, and climb them, and sit at their feet, and stand at the very tip top of them. When I look around and see them in every direction, keeping all of the love in and keeping the rest of the world locked out. That’s when I know that I’m standing right in the center of love. When my heart feels at home.

People. My people, the ones who make me laugh and let me cry. The ones who don’t give up and the ones who show up. When we are all together, just swimming around in our love for each other. Music. When a song clicks so well with my soul I figure it must’ve been buried in my heart all along.

When I see kindness being passed around, when I can be a source of love for others. All of these things send me straight to love, wrapped up in its graceful and strong arms. This is the right kind of love. This is God showing me that being IN love has nothing to do with another person, and that this is how it should feel when you do find yourself in someone else’s love. Comfortable but not stuck. Like home.

I am IN love, every day, and have been since the moment I took my first breath. God put me here, in all of this love. I don’t have to worry about never falling in love, or loving the wrong person, or messing it up with the right one, because I’ve already made it here, to love.


God made someone for me who will meet me in my love, and in my mess. We will find our way to each other. But I don’t need to be looking for them because He has that covered. I already have mountains and mountains of love surrounding me, keeping me safe and sound and locked in tight. I have it all right inside of myself, and in God, and he won’t let me lose it.

Love is all around us and all we really have to do is look a little deeper.

Love is my favorite place to be.


AllieJo is a sixteen-year old junior at Tuscola High school. She loves to be outside and feels at peace when surrounded by her Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll often find AllieJo laughing and smiling for she is full of love and life. She is a musician, a writer, a child of God, a beautiful soul, and a dear friend to many.


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