Sally Hundley

Sally is a lover of words who never learned to turn a cartwheel. She happily belts out songs off-key and dances best with the under-10 crowd. Church has been a part of her life since she had to sit on a stack of hymnals to see over the pew.  Yllas spent two full-years speaking only backwards with her sister. For her day job, Sally teaches middle school and is passionate about awakening a love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in her female students. A perfect day involves coffee in a real mug, a good book, and snow falling.  Although Sally has adjusted almost completely to being allergic to sugar, she still craves peanut butter pie.Sally is drawn near to Jesus through the words of John.  Calling himself “the disciple Jesus loved” is a beautiful reminder of how we are to bask in unconditional grace.  She is blessed by a husband who lists her as his first thank you in prayer each morning and two teenage children who simply set the world on fire.