12871471_1117792891611755_530840882971602003_nAs part of our vision of empowering our Kenyan sisters as well as local women, NOW offers women in the US the opportunity to develop a life-enriching relationship with a woman in Kenya. These relationships will be equal in nature, in no way simply American women mentoring Kenyan women. They will share life, joys, concerns, faith and anything else they desire with one another, praying for and encouraging each other in love.


How It Works:

US women who are interested must complete the Sisterhood Application below, which includes a brief description of themselves, and a photo to send to us upon approval of the application.

These are then sent to Oasis, where Kenyan ladies can choose whom they’d like to join with. We believe this is a strong statement to these women that we see them as equals and partners, as valuable and capable women who have a choice and a voice.

 Once a match has been made, we will coordinate communication for the first interaction, and what follows will be up to each pair of Sisters. Each Sisterhood lasts a minimum of 6 weeks, and NOW Sisters will receive weekly reminders and encouragement. After the 6 weeks, if the ladies choose they may of course continue the relationship.