Water for OASIS

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Provide a Water Filter for our Artisans in Nakuru, Kenya

“One has to be intentional with [their water] if one wants a healthy family.  Here in Kaptembwa, the community Oasis is located in, we are neighbors with one of the most populated areas. It is a higher level than us, so rain water from town comes flooding here. The sewers fill, the taps break and drinking water is mixed with sewer and flooding water. In fact where we live is one of the places most prone to cholera and dysentery diseases in Nakuru, our city.

It will make a huge difference to this community to have access to Water Filters. Clean Water is a necessity and this makes it very important. Many sickness are brought about by dirty water and personal hygiene. The news of Oasis women receiving the filters makes my heart to Sing. Oasis women will have a turnaround of their lives when they possess a water filter!!”

-Irene Kins, Founder of Oasis Womens Group, Sister Company to No Ordinary Women


Of the top 5 causes of death by disease in Africa, 3 are water borne. (Dysentery, HIV/Aids, Typhoid, Malaria, Cholera, and Typhoid). As of August 2016, of the 15 women in Oasis that make our jewelry and the 20 or more in their Sewing Class, only 2 have water filters for their families. We simply cannot continue to enjoy the basic human right of clean water and health for our families while our Kenyan sisters do not have the same.

We are so excited to be partnering with a non-profit already on the ground in Nakuru, Start With One: Kenya to provide water filters for our Sisters! SWOK has provided thousands of filters throughout Nakuru and the surrounding areas. SWOK has initiated a program of providing Sanitation-Hygiene Education and Clean Water through a partnership with UZima Filters. The education piece shares with the participants why they are suffering from water borne diseases, where they come from, and how to prevent the diseases. This education combined with the clean water are changing lives immediately and have reported approximately an 90-95% reduction of incidences of water borne diseases within 6 months of receiving SWOK’s education and water filter.

Each filter purchased though No Ordinary Women will go DIRECTLY to an artisan in our Sister Company. Each filter costs $30 and provides clean water for a family for 5 years.

Filters can be purchased in someone’s name as a Christmas or Birthday Gift, and we’ll send you a certificate to present as your gift along with the name of the artisan you’re impacting.

Thank you for considering purchasing a filter for the incredible women who make up Oasis!

Click here to purchase a filter online.